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milo_stills's Journal

Milo Ventimiglia Stillness
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milo stillness challanges

Welcome to Milo Stills!i have just taken over from your lovely mod Jane,
all the rules are still the same there will be milo related challanges


2. You can only use the images provided, unless otherwise stated.
3. Icons must fit LJ standards (100x100 and 40kbs or less). Smaller is allowed.
4. Icons must be made specifically for the challenge. Don't post them anywhere else or use them in your userpics until voting is over.
5. All effects such as lights, stock, text, textures, are allowed. Animation is not.
6. You cannot enter more than four icons per challenge.
7. Don't follow tutorials too closely. Don't copy anyone else's work. Try to stay original. Also, the icons must be made entirely from scratch! All bases and manips must be made by you.
8. Be sure to read the rules for each challenge as they might change from time to time.
9. Most importantly, have fun! And don't be afraid to take risks. Try new and unique things with your icons.
10. To enter, simply post the icon with HTML and then the link under that. Like so:


Rules by jane

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